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Top Jewelry Trends For 2016

What is the first thing that hits your mind when you heard jewelry? Undoubtedly, a beautiful and lovely lady with all the latest fashion collections and jewelry. Well! Jewelry and women  are complementary. Both are incomplete without each other. The market is full of different styles, patterns, designs and shapes of the jewelry. It is very hard to pick some of the best pieces that suit your style and occasion both. Below, find out the finest and amazing jewelry trends for the year 2016.

2016 Jewelry Trends

The affection of a womanfor jewelriesis never faded away. A diversity of countless styles will replicateforthcoming jewelry,fashion trends in the next few months.Hence, add following jewelry pieces inyour collection to compliment your wardrobes during the coming months and various occasions.

  • Big-oversize earrings: Big and oversized earring are the must for your wardrobe. You can wear them with any dress as they are included in the top jewelry trends for this year.
  • Golden layering pieces: If you love something unique and royal then golden layering pieces will compliment your styledelicately. There are different styles available in this particular range. There is a delicate charm in the bracelets and elegant pendant necklaces that just convertsbetter in gold metal and when costs are more affordable, who wouldlike to wear a jewelry of costly and precious metal.
  • Chokers and other beautiful necklaces. These are a relic from the year of 2015, thanks to their presence at the most followed award function Oscars in last February. A plenty of 2016 jewelry trends and styles, imagine interwoven to lingerie to lightweight denim dressthat require an appealingsectionall around thecollar.

Earring jackets and studs: These have twisted to be a customer favor. Trying studs alone give some versatility, while the addition of a stylish and sexy jacket creates another cool and stunning look. Simple to comprehend, the stylish combo of chic studs and cool earring jackets are available in a different price range all around the world.

  • Black & White: Well, among all colors black & white colors are like all-purpose colors. You can wear them at any occasion, at any place and at any time. This evergreen color combination has so many chic and affordable options in the market. You can buy one of the dresses from the collections to complete your wardrobe. After all, your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of black and white dress.
  • Asymmetry:If you are used to of wearing different styles of jewelry, then you should try Asymmetry. It is one of the coolest and appealing jewelry trend for 2016. These jewelries have such an outstanding and creative utilization of the modest materials. Usually, these jewelrystyleshave mismatched earrings and tiny colorful stones.

Rings:Among all jewelries, rings are the most reasonable and appropriate gift for any girl. They lookchic and trendy with every attire. There are countless designs available for the rings with different features and price tags.

These are the few marked jewelry suggestions for women to look ultra-glamorousin 2016. Above-mentioned styles are evergreen as they will compliment you equally in every occasion. Add these suggested jewelries into your wardrobe to dazzle the ramp all the time with your beauty, fashion and charm.

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