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My Story

HI! I understand that Jewelry has been a trend since past time till today. Everyone likes to wear jewelry according to either their own choice or the latest trends that are quiet in nowadays. Not only women but also men are getting passionate about wearing jewelry. Though for women it is more of a celebrated symbol for femininity and social status which definitely adds to the natural beauty of women. Jewelry demands no age limit and is enjoyed by women from young age to middle ages at most. Apart from appraising your own self, jewelry also finds its application for gifts which means it is considered as a good idea to gift others.


As a girl, I had lots of interest in jewelry since my childhood. Particularly, as a kid I used to wear the plastic jewelry but that changed drastically when I got into high school. The plastic one was replaced with the classy one that had metal as base and was studded with few jewels. Though I really want to say that seriously any women out there does not need any special interests in jewelry to write about it; it is a quality present in our extinct. Though the metallic touch is usually left out for formals, parties, functions or weddings as they are a bit heavy to carry thus for casual looks style is more preferred over the number of jewels and studs in metal body. I actually am a working lady which makes me quiet choosy when it comes to selecting jewelry because I have to keep in mind that the jewelry matches my office environment at one hand and looks classy and exquisite on the other hand. Believe me this process is not possible in the way that you just go to the market and find something for yourself; you actually have to dig deeper than that. You also need to have the adequate information about the trends that you should go for the present season and how you should match and contrast your jewelry accordingly. I see a lot of people every day, who really have good pieces of jewelry but only the lack of knowledge does not allow it to look cool so I decided to put up some content on the subject that will definitely help the people.

This particular site will also encompass all aspects of jewelry that will incorporate the trends that you should wear for the current season, and so on. Basically, you can find content that will help you choose your jewelry and make your selections according to the latest trends; which means the popular colors that are worn in jewelry nowadays, what kind of studs and stones are in nowadays, what kind of statement is popular as of now, and much more stuff related to jewelry. The tips to wear your jewelry, styling techniques will also form a major part of this site. In other words, you want to anything about Jewelry, you can find it here; so Stay tuned.