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Intriguing Facts About Jewelry That You Never Knew

Intriguing Facts About Jewelry That You Never Knew

Humans always love to decorate themselves. Jewelry is something that symbolizes the royalty and also considered as the valuable saving in life.Jewelry are something that adds to our appearance. Some people wear it as a symbol of status. Wearing them, we can enhance our beauty.It is the women’s first love and men usually buy it to make their woman feel happy and special.

Some of the interesting facts about jewelry:

Do you know which was the oldest jewelry found? It was a beads made up of Nassarius shells which are highly conical in shape. It was beautiful to look at and had a very shining look.Americans call it jewelry whereas it is called jewelry in the rest part of the world. The word jewelry comes from the word jewel. In Egyptian culture jewelry is used to drive off the evil.

Since ages live insect jewelry is quite popular. The Egyptians were the first on to do so. They use to wear scarab beetles while going to battle. Victorians had a great craze for these kind of jewelry. The jewelry used to be like a live beetle attached to the cloth with a tiny gold chain. They use to look scary, but they were much in trend during those days.

If you do not know let me tell you one fact that Amber is a gem made up of organic stuff. It is made up of raisins from a tree in fossilized form. It takes a minimum of million years to form an amber. But these days there are very fake ambers available in the market, which you must avoid buying if you are looking for a real one. They are very hard and unique in shape.

Turquoise is found very rarely. It is found in the regions of the South West USA. It is associated with some traditional American Jewellery and modern jewelry.

Do you know what is organic gemstone? Organic are all those substances like pearl, amber, coral all these jewelries are made by the living organisms than being created through natural processes.

The bible is completely against the gold during a Christian wedding but these days not body thinks much about it. Many of the Christian bride are seen wearing lots of accessories unlike the bride of different other cultures. These days everybody wants to dress up the way they want and many do not like being restricted by their culture.

In Assyria the ancient women wore absolutely huge jewelry which includes amulets, bracelets and multi strand necklaces. It has been more than 5000 years that Indians have been making jewelry, it is an obsession which started in the early Indus Valley. People in China also started making jewelry during the same time. But it was not popular unless Buddhism became popular years back.

These were some of the astonishing facts about jewelry which were not known to all. These points must have helped you a lot to gain knowledge about jewelry.These points would help us know more about the jewelrythat we use.

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