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Facts About Gold Jewellery You Didn’t Know

Facts About Gold Jewellery You Didn’t Know

Gold Jewellery is something that has been in trend since ancient times. People have been wearing gold since that long. Gold jewellery is loved by everyone because of its skin-friendly nature and its characteristics to easily mix with other metals.There are about 100 of variations in gold. You might think you know everything  about gold jewellery until you read this article. Here are a few facts about gold jewellery we bet you didn’t know:

  • South Africa was the largest supplier of gold in the world since last 100 years, but since China stepped into the gold market they are now the reigning largest supplier of gold.

Facts About Gold Jewellery You Didn’t Know


  • Pure gold is always gold in color. In order to change its color its mixed along with other metals e.g.For rose gold, gold is mixed with little of copper to add rose color to the gold.
  • In Australia, the largest gold nugget weighing over 200lbs was found.

Karat basically measures how pure your gold jewellery is. It is usually measured in 24ths, therefore, a 24K piece of gold is pure gold.

  • If gold is dug out of the oceans, we will at least be able to extract about 9 pounds of gold for each person present on the Earth.
  • Sailors often wear gold earrings. They do this because if they drown and are washed up on a beach, these earrings can serve as a money option for them.
  • Despite platinum and silver bands being so popular, almost 75% of the American brides actually receive gold engagement bands.


  • Federal Reserve Bank ,New York houses more gold bullion than anyone in the world. It has an estimated of $147billion worth gold.
  • Although not sure , but almost of about 80% of the world’s gold is till now buried underground.
  • The helmets of astronauts are made of extreme thin layers of gold in order in order to reduce the heat generated from the sunlight.

The tastes and preferences of gold jewellery differ all over in the world. The gold is differently available in Asia, America and other parts of the world.

  • South Asia Gold Jewellery is the purest form of gold jewellery and is even better and much purer than the gold jewellery of South and North America.
  • Gold found in South Asia is usually 22 karat whereas that found in Western Asia is close to 14 karat.
  • Usually an Olympic Gold Medal is just made of 1% of gold.
  • Most of the gold that has been present on Earth’s surface actually came from asteroids. So we should really thank asteroids for providing us with gold.


  • In Dubai, the ATM’s have dispensable gold bars. No wonder, why Dubai is considered one of the richest countries.
  • Ice cream testers use gold spoons instead of regular spoons so that they can actually get to know the taste of ice cream and avoid the taste of a regular spoon.
  • Traces of gold can be found on the leaves of eucalyptus trees. So now you get a reason to grow more of the trees too rather than just to have a greener environment.

We hope that these facts about gold would have really surprised you and you might have also got to know that gold can be used in many more ways than just for your ornaments.

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