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Creative Jewellery Brands MillenialsWill Adore

When it comes to giving gifts to the females you love, you always end up buying them jewellery as those are without a doubt a girl’s best friend. Whether shopping for your own self or going to gift someone, here are few of the creative accessories that you’ll love:

  1. Delfina Delettrez

Transforming topaz and diamonds to modern looking puppy earrings and animal emojis are the most famous and recent collection of her. She is a designer based out in Italy. She uses stones and precious metals to craft her works of art.

  1. Cornelia Webb

A jewellery brand that was launched in 2005 in Stockholm. It has a variety of creative and sculptural designs to offer you.

  1. Venessa Arizaga

The brand is well-known because of their friendship- style inspired jewellery. Also, they have charms that are inspired with Puertp Rico’s beach and island culture. Apart from the casual and creative jewellery pieces for women, they also offer fine jewellery and various men’s options.

  1. Maria Black

This brand is on the name of their designer Maria Black. She is Danish, Irish Designer who has changed the ways of ornamenting body with her creative designs and creations.The brand is very popular among celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna because of its cascade rings and chain-link earrings.

  1. Joomi Lim

This brand’s designer understands and knows how to balance edgy elements with art of feminine.They use spikes and pearls for their creative jewellery pieces.

  1. Established Jewelry

Established jewellery is a California-based company that offers you with fine jewellery in exceptional designs like friends forever hearts, razor blade neck pieces and studs with cannabis leaf design.

  1. Diane Kordas

The brand entered with its evil eye bracelets in jewellery market in 2009.Now it also offers you pretty diamond and gold heartbeat neck pieces. Its best known for its graphic-pop art rings.

  1. Carbon & Hyde

This brand is run by creative sisters Oren and Yarden. For their designs, they drew inspiration from their own family’s history that was in the jewellery business. They just added few modern touches to it.

  1. iosselliani

This brand is run by duo Italian designers Roberta Paolucc and Paolo Giacomelli. They reuse the vintage jewellery in order to produce modern, creative and fascinating jewellery.

  1. Cat Bird

Cat-bird is one brand that is favorite among the people of New York.It’s based in Brooklyn and is known for combining contemporary art with vintage shapes.

  1. Loren Stewart

Add a unique look to any of your outfits with their black-diamond cuffs and custom letter necklaces.

  1. Charlotte Chesnais

Chesnais launched Balenciaga’s jewelry line and later in 2015, released her very own collection. Her pieces are very creative and handcrafted in France.

  1. Eddie Borgo

The designer is American based and is known for his bold-statement pieces. He has an amazing collection for men too offering tie clips and cufflinks.

  1. Vita Fede

The Vita Fede brand belongs to designer Cynthia Sakai. She brings in a modern twist to the classic chain bracelets.

  1. Alison Lou

The designer of this brand rethinks of the popular emojis and turn even an ordinary object into fancy, creative jewellery.

The above 15 brands will surely confuse you on what to buy out of them as they have the best designs that are loved by today’s generation and designed in such a unique way. We bet you can’t find the same designs like them anywhere else.

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