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7 Amazing Facts About Diamonds

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s dream come true. It is said that diamonds are the hardest material on this earth, if you hit it hard with a hammer it will shatter into pieces. It is very glittery and has got lots of shine. It is formed deep inside the earth and with the eruption of volcano, it comes up, to the surface. They are made up of carbon and with some impurities they get their color. They are quite rare and beautiful.

Below are 7 amazing facts about diamond:

The largest diamond found was 1.33 pounds
The largest diamond was found in South Africa in the year 1905 and it was given to the king of England by South Africans. That very diamond was cut and nine diamonds were formed out of it. One part of that nine diamonds are a part of The Crown jewel, England.


You can find diamond in all parts of the world
Most people are only aware of the diamond mine in South Africa must be aware of the mining corporation called DeBeers. But as a matter of fact mining of diamond are done in many other parts of the world. India was one of the first main source of diamond. Apart from India diamonds also comes from Russia, Canada, Botswana and Namibia.

Diamonds are said to be rare, but not as much as you think
It is a fact that there are really more diamonds in this earth than you realize. Though it is rare, it could be found in many parts of the world. DeBeers diamonds are always sold at high rates as they are big as compared to diamonds found in other parts of the world.

It comes in different colors
The clear diamond is the one which is more popular among people. It comes in many different colors. Those colors are caused due to the presence of some impurities in them. So it is available in every color that you can think of.

Some of the diamonds mined are used in industry
Most of the diamonds that are taken out by mining do not get a way to form jewelries. They are used in industries for the drilling process.This was practiced even when the diamond was discovered. Over 4,500 years ago in China it was used to polish axes so as to get a mirror like sharpness. Even today most of the diamonds which are taken out of the ground are used in industries.

A diamond star is present in the milkyway
Astronauts say that there is a star which they believe to be a single diamond. It is said that it is named after a song and it is located in the Milky Way. If scientists are to be believed, it weighs 10 billion and trillion carats.

It is not the hardest substance on the planet
It’s that the jewelers tell you that diamonds are  the hardest substance on the planet, but they are absolutely wrong.Some of the substances like Ultrahard Fullerite, Rhenium Diboride and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods which can scratch or destroy diamond.

These were some of the amazing facts about diamonds which were really unknown to us.

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