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5 Top Jewelry Designers

Jewelry is something that every woman adores and it adds the beauty and royal look to your outfits. Jewelry can be in many forms such as earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles, watches, etc. Earrings or rings are worn on a daily basis while some of the jewelry such as necklaces are usually worn on some specific occasion. When it comes to jewelry, everyone is concerned about the latest designs and the best designers as everyone wants their jewelry to look unique from others.

Top 5 jewelry designers:

  1. Bulgari:

Bulgari is an Italy based luxury brand that is popular for its watches, jewelry, hotels and fragrances. The brand was started by Sotirious Bulgaris who was a Greek Jeweler and then migrated to Rome in the year 1881. The brand is most popular for its one of the unique design Sepenti that is a bundle of watches and jewelry. Its jewelry and watches are designed in the shape of curling snake and embellished with the pave gemstones.

  1. Piaget:

Piaget is a Swiss based royal brand that was started by Georges Piaget in the year 1874. Initially, the brand was popular for designing of royal watches, specially watches covered with a royal material or gemstones. But later on in the starting of the 20th century, it also started making jewelry, specially gemstones and diamonds. This brand was awarded as the 6th most renowned brand of jewelry by the Luxury group.

  • Graff:

Graff was started by Laurence Graff from England who was only 15 years old when he started his career in jewelry who then became popular among other popular jewelry designers. In 1960, he started his diamond company, namely Graff Diamond company and two years later, he opened various stores in the district of London’s jeweler. It is famous for the resetting and buying of popular diamonds. He works on various popular diamonds such as Wittelsbach diamond, Wallis Simpson’s Windsor Yellows set, and Lesotho Promise diamond, etc.

  1. Chanel:

Chanel is a France based royal brand that was founded by Gabrielle Coco Chanel in the year 1909 and has always been popular for making designs specially for marriage purpose for both female and man. Its most popular designs are long necklaces made of black and white pearls, sculptural diamond jewelry, and the gemstone brooches. This brand has been worn by many famous actresses such as Catherine Deneuve, Zhang Ziyi, Marilyn Monroe etc.

  1. Mikimoto:

Mikimoto is a royal pearl brand that was founded by Mikimoto Kokichi who was he first person to make the first cultured pearl. He opened his store in Tokyo in the year 1899. He later on widened his business to many big cities like Paris, Bombay, London, New York and many other big cities. It is popular for designing the simple and polished pearl designs. Mikimoto has been an official sponsor in Miss USA pageant from the period 2003 to 2008 and even in Miss Universe pageant from the years 2002 to 2007.

So, above is the list of five famous jewelry designers that are popular from the ancient times and still remains on the top in jewelry designing.

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